7 Tips To Make Your Ultra Dark Fake Tan Last Longer

7 Tips To Make Your Ultra Dark Fake Tan Last Longer

We all love the first day we wake up to being ultra dark from our fake tanning mousse but so many of us want our desired bronzed skin to last longer than a few days so here are 7 tips that will help your ultra dark fake tan last longer.

Apply 2 Layers Of Self Tanner

When layering up your tan allow the layers to dry properly. If you layer up your ultra dark self tan foam without allowing it to dry it gets tacky and will not sink deep enough into the skin. Do one full body layer give 30 min to dry & re apply.

Drink Water: Keep Skin Hydrated

Drink water - keep your skin and your body deeply hydrated prior to tanning as the better condition your skin is the better your fake tan will develop on your skin, sink deeper into your skin and last longer on your skin without turning into tiger bread! So always keep hydrated from the inside out!

Ensure You Prep Your Skin

Skin prep is key, ensure you have exfoliated your body to perfection that you have no unwanted hairs or no dead skin cells for your ultra dark fake tan to get stuck to! Dead skin cells are the devil to fake tan as they block the tan from getting to your new fresh healthy cells that will hold onto your tan for longer. Check out our online exclusive body bundles that are full of our award winning products when it comes to skin prep! We don’t put so much innovation into our customers skin prep for nothing it is so you have the most flawless healthy skin encouraging the longest lasting self tan. Our super exfoliant Purity excel is the ultimate in skin prep & self tan removal and suitable for all skin types.

Use A Gradual Tanning Mousse To Boost Your Colour

Use a gradual tanning cream or mousse to boost your colour as it starts to fade keeping you ultra dark for longer and helping to hydrate the skin as your tan starts to fade. We offer 3 gradual tanning mousses, intensity, velvety & our clear tanning range nudity with a fresh scent to give you a hydrating colour boost over your fading tan!

Use Face & Body Tanning Drops

Mix tanning drops into your every day skin care routine. By mixing tanning drops into your daily moisturiser for face and body you will enhance the depth of your tan daily to keep your skin tanned for longer mixed with important body care to keep the condition of your skin healthy.

Use An Instant Tan

Use an instant tan over your ultra dark tan once it starts to fade to get you tanned faster for that special occasion or night out! Instant tan really is every girls make up bag essential, check out our new skinstant stick the new must have for all tanners, offering fast easy instant tanning that is waterproof & sweat proof!!

Use An Oil Free Moisturiser Post Tanning

Use our oil free moisturiser Purity repair to keep your tan healthier for longer. All tan foam formulas are broken down when suffocated under heavy oily products. So make sure to be using oil free body care to enhance your tan for longer. Purity repair is a thick and luxurious formula without greasy oils! For light weight silky soft skin.

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