Ultra Dark Tanning

Ultra Dark Tanning

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    Advantages Of Duo Tanning

    – Deepen & Intensify Your Tan
    – Give Extra Coverage For “Salon Spray Tan” Results.
    – Double The Concentration Of DHA Creating Extra Depth In Your Tan
    – Reduce Guide Colour Wear Off
    – Lock In The Colour Guide Of Your Mousse

    Picking A Mousse To Compliment Your Skin Tone

    Intensity Bronzed Tanning Mousse- Cool & Neutral Undertones
    Velvety Olive Tanning Mousse- Warm & Neutral Undertones
    Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Mousse- All Skin Tones

    How To Apply A Duo Tan

    Firstly Apply 1 Or 2 Layers Of Self Tanning Mousse Of Your Choice
    Using Your Rose & Caramel Deluxe Tanning Mitt, Apply A Generous Amount Of Foam To The Mitt & Apply In Circular Motions
    Take Extra Care Around Hands, Feet, Wrists & Knuckles, Buff These Areas Thoroughly After Application With The Excess Tan On Your Mitt
    After Applying Your Self Tanning Mousse Lightly Mist Over All Areas With Nudity Aerosol
    We Recommend To Nudity Aerosol On Your Face. Nudity Gives An Even Coverage & Does Not Block Pores- Bye Bye Black Heads!


    For Those Who Struggle To Achieve An All Over Dark Tan, Or If You Desire Double Dark Results We Recommend Using Our Duo Method Of Tanning. This Is When You Apply The Tanning Mousse Of Your Choice, Allow To Be Touch Dry & Then Mist Nudity Aerosol Over. This Method Will Double The Concentration Of DHA, Seal In The Guide Colour &Create Extra Depth In Your Tan.