7 Ways How to Make Fake Tan Darker

7 Ways How to Make Fake Tan Darker

How to achieve an ultra-dark tan (and make your tan last longer)

The self tan question wondered by self tanners all over the globe is how to get an extra dark tan that lasts. With new restrictions across the EU surrounding DHA laws, all fake tan solutions are now capped at 10% DHA, but lucky for Rose & Caramel customers we knew this law was coming & we designed all our ultra-dark self tans within the guidelines from day one giving our tanners a safe extra dark tanning experience. Unlike using coconut oil, we use a key hydration ingredient that is proven to give a deeper tan than most formulas on the market.

#Step 1

Prior to application, exfoliate 24 hours before tanning use Purity Excel 60 second tan remover for the most effective exfoliation. It’s blend of pearlite & key self tan removal ingredients are the fastest working on the market and leave your skin rejuvenated, removing any dry areas that might cause an uneven finish when tanning.

It’s bespoke design completely preps the skin perfectly for a flawless tan application allowing the tan to glide effortlessly across the skin. Pay attention to elbows, ankles, heels & feet any areas that absorb tan quickly. Purity excel skin prep will enhance tan life once applied. Purity excel is one of a kind among all the other self tan removers on the market. Body care bundles are available online for all your prep & maintain needs.

#Step 2

Tan application – top tip – brush over your full body with a dry body brush to brush away any excess oils or dead skin cells that may be on your skin. Pay attention to your chest (a common areas for tan not to take) any other areas that your tan doesn’t take to. This will give you the best possible clean fresh skin for your tan to absorb deeply into.

#Step 3

Next apply purity prep & protect hydration mist to any dry areas such as hands, feet, elbows to prime the skin and stop any over development.

#Step 4

How to apply your deluxe bronze tanning mousse – make sure you are using an applicator mitt and pump out one of our award winners intensity or velvety dark 200ml tanning foams. Intensity for a dark bronzed finish or velvety for a deep dark olive finish. Sweep across your body in circular motions to avoid any streaking. Thick full layers are easily achieved as all our self tanning foams are fast drying. For ultra-dark results wait until touch dry & apply a second full thick layer to your body. Tanning tip – Only apply sparsely to hands and feet.

#Step 5

How to make your tan even darker- If you are seeking ultra-ultra-dark results and not a natural tanning look then we urge you to try the ultimate tan – for a tan that mirrors a salon spray tan extra dark look.

Simply mist over our clear self tan spray nudity tanning aerosol (liquid gold in a bottle) to lock in the guide colour, reduce transfer onto clothing & bedding & double up on the tan levels. These online exclusives are available in self tanning bundles so make sure to check out our bundle & save pages on the site.

#Step 6

Wait until touch dry & where loose baggy clothing until developed.

Wash off your tan 6-8 hours after application.

Be sure to rinse & pat dry with a towel don’t rub.

#Step 7

How to maintain your dark tan – this is where everyday skincare is essential, stay moisturised with purity repair our thick oil free body lotion that is designed to enhance self tan life & not break down the fake tan formula. Purity repair is not a sunscreen lotion but body care at its best to repair your skin, hydrate, pro long tan life & has no greasy residue leaving you with summer beauty skin all year round. Frequent tanners don’t forget to take care of your lips, lip care is essential & hydration should be kept up with lip balms – which will be available soon.