5 Tips To Prolong Your Fake Tan

5 Tips To Prolong Your Fake Tan

We know all you fake tan lovers want to try to get the most out of your fake tan… and it can be tricky due to lifestyle changes and just generally going about your daily life. We dread when it's getting close to the stage when it's going to start looking patchy & scaly. We feel like the number 1 problem avid fake tanners face daily is "why is my fake tan not lasting?", "how to extend my fake tan?". The tanning experts here at Rose & Caramel have finally spoken… and we have handpicked and narrowed down the best tips on how to prolong your fake tan.

 Your self-tan should generally be lasting you a week, even with a generally 'okay' fake tanning routine. If it's not, these are some steps you can follow to keep your fake tan looking fresh for longer. 

Avoid OILS on the skin!

If I have got your attention and you want to know a little bit about the science behind this keep reading! Oil can break down the colour of self-tanner by loosening the dead skin cells that have been dyed brown by fake tan. When these dead skin cells start to crack and flake off, it can result in a patchy or uneven tan, often referred to as a "tiger bread" tan.  So YES! You heard it here… Anything oil-based is not your best friend once that fake tan has hit the skin.

The best moisturiser to prolong fake tan is an oil-free moisturiser like Purity Repair Skin Conditioning Treatment will help keep lock in moisture, and help to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. While also extending the life of your self-tan by up to 48 hours. Plus the mango & pomegranate scent is to die for. When spending a long time creating this 'well-loved' product we found it was important to look for ingredients that could provide hydration and nourishment to the skin without adding oils. Alternatively, if a moisturiser isn't for you we offer a hydration mist Purity Prep & Protect Hydration Mist that offers all the same benefits. lightly misting this over the body will ensure the longest fake tan.


 Exfoliate and shave your body beforehand

 Exfoliating and shaving before applying self-tanner are essential to achieving an even, streak-free tan. The primary ingredient in all self-tans, and Rose & Caramel is DHA which stands for dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a colourless chemical derived from plant sources such as sugar cane or sugar beets, and it works by reacting with the amino acids on the surface of the skin to create a temporary tan. It penetrates the top layer of the skin, which you may know is just your dead skin cells. This is why it is important to revive your skin of any dead skin cells and unwanted hair, interfering and stopping fake tan from absorbing and reacting deeper into the skin's top barrier/layer.

 It's a given fact in the fake tan industry that the fake tan wears away once the skin cells start shedding. So essentially, exfoliating and shaving is one of the best preparation steps for fake tanning, when exfoliating you want to spend a bit of time on this until you can feel your skin becoming noticeably softer. You can do this using an Exfoliating Mitt and a scrub or even using a Body Brush. It's important to note that exfoliating too much or too harshly can be damaging to your skin, so it's important to use a gentle exfoliant and use circular motions with light pressure, not overdoing it.

 If you want to kill 2 birds with one stone, our revolutionary product Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan Remover is HOT on the market and loved by so many customers. Removes all your old fake tan, fake tanning lotions & spray tan. As well as exfoliating the skin because of the key perlite ingredients and salts that are enriched into the product. Giving you a squeaky clean base.


Avoid hot baths and showers

 Not many people know this but hot baths/showers can dry out the skin causing your fake tan to fade faster. The water and the heat will cause the fake tan to slide off the skin. This is because the hot water strips the skin of any natural oils leaving it dehydrated. The areas of the skin that are exposed to the hot water during a bath are your fake-tanned legs, fake-tanned arms & fake-tanned hands. So Instead, opt for lukewarm water when showering or bathing. Keep this in mind for your next self-tanning routine & Thank us later!


Using the right tanning mitt

Using a high-quality tanning mitt like our Deluxe Tanning Mitt is going to make the world's difference! Trust us on this one… Our mitt is designed to help tanning mousses glide over the skin, with the deluxe velvet feel, it ensures that the product is applied evenly without any streaks or patches. Giving a more full coverage layer of tan that's going to sit on the skin's top layer lovely.

 When it comes to fake tanning the face & neck it can be a tricky one, using a Fake Tanning Brush to apply self-tan mousse can be a great option for those who prefer mousse over self-tanning drops and mists. It's crucial to choose the right brush to achieve a flawless fake tan on your face and neck.

 Our Fake Tanning Brush is perfect for this to avoid any streaks or uneven application. Remember to apply a small amount of product to the brush and blend it in carefully around the neck, slowly working your way upwards to the jawline & face when the brush only has a minimal amount of product on. Taking extra care around the hairline and eyebrows. The reason you start from the neck is that you want a seamless transition, and to avoid any harsh lines for a natural-looking-sun-kissed glow.


Stay hydrated! Drink LOTS & LOTS of water!

 After reading all of our best tips. You should know by now that dehydrated skin can lead to flaking & peeling causing your fake tan to fade faster and resulting in a scaly tan. We want to try to avoid this as much as we can… Drinking plenty of water is going to keep the skin hydrated and feeling smooth.

 When it comes to wearing fake tan in the summer, using the gym or even just living in a hot country. You are going to need to drink more water to replace the fluids you're losing. While the recommended daily intake of water varies for different individuals, drinking 6-8 glasses a day is a good general guideline to follow.

 If you are keeping your H2O levels high. It is going to help when you're applying your mousse as it's going to penetrate into the skin's top layer more evenly and your hydrated skin is going to absorb the colour more. Not to mention the high water intake is going to help our skin look noticeably healthier & plumper.


 Remember that even with all these tips, your fake tan will eventually start to fade. But following these tips can help you enjoy your fake tan for a longer period of time!