Self Tanning

Self Tanning

A Premium Self Tan Range, That Comes In 3 Different Shades To Complement All Skin Tones.

Available In A Tanning Mousse, Gradual Tan & Aerosol Spray.

All Skin Tone

We Are Proud To Design Tans For All Skin Tones
- Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Mousse – All Skin Tones
- Intensity Bronzed Tanning Mousse –  Cool & Neutral Undertones
- Velvety Olive Tanning Mousse – Warm & Neutral Undertones


Each Tanning Mousse Has Been Designed With Diversity In Mind, One Layer Can Be Applied For A Natural Looking Tan Or You Can Layer Up To Achieve Darker Results.

Double Sided Velvet Tanning Mitt

The Right Tanning Mitt Is Essential For Easy, Streak Free Applications. Use This To Sweep Any Tanning Product Onto Your Body In Circular Motion & Make Sure You Blend Blend Blend!! Buff Into Wrists, Ankles, Hands & Fingers To Ensure There Are No Tell Tale Self Tan Signs.


- For A Dark Olive Tan – VELVETY Best For Warm Skin Tones
- For A Dark Intensity Tan- INTENSITY Best For Cool/Dull Skin Tones
- For A Deep Golden Tan – NUDITY Suits All Skin Tones

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Intensity & Velvety Dark / Ultra Dark Can Be Layered For Darker Results. Velvety Is Formulated With Green Undertones Meaning It Can Be Layered Without Any Orange Tones! Our Extra Secret Weapon Is Our Nudity Clear Tanning Aerosol, Which Can Be Misted Over Any Tanning Mousse For Double Dark Results.