The Benefits of Self Tanning Mousse

The Benefits of Self Tanning Mousse

We all want to look like we have spent 2 weeks tanning in st Tropez, and for us with the more sensitive skin a tan mousse is key, whether it be a body lotion or a tan water, fake tan is the best way to achieve that super glow the healthy way.

Benefit of Self Tan Foam

So why a self tan foam? Self tanning foams can be used in many different ways, if you have fair skin it can be used lightly for a gradual tan effect giving the skin a natural tan or layered up for a super bronze glow. When you apply fake tan, firstly decide how you see your finished sunkissed glow, if you desire a dark tan (see our dark tanning and black tanner range) apply a full body tan and leave an hour and reapply another layer for dark self tanning. Alternatively mix with a moisturiser for a light natural looking tan. The versatility fake tan mousses allow you to decide how you want your skin to look. Many sunless tan formulas are enhanced with coconut oil or hylaronic acid and other moisturising ingredients to keep your skin soft & healthy.

The developing time is now a choice given to you with advanced pro formulas that give express bronzing for your paradise glow, with development time as speedy as 2 hours to leave skin with a golden tan. Make sure to use a good applicator mitt as the any tanning product is only as good as the tan mitts it’s applied with.

Match up your sublime bronze glow with a bb cream to give the perfect skin tone head to toe. Body illuminating products give a great golden glow over fake tan mousse.

Alternative Tanning Products

Other products that we recommend are a good instant tan to boost any hard to tan areas, use a tanning water to give your face a natural glow. Tan drops are the new must have craze to be applied to a moisturiser to make a tanning lotion, this can be used daily to keep your tan a sublime bronze.

Removal of your tan is also very important to keep your skin healthy and fresh, so it’s great to use a tan remover that usually come in a water mousse formula to prep your skin & remove all your old fake tan. To remove self tan we offer a wide range of different tan removing products search Purity for our fake tan remover range.

So with all the self tans on the market, we still firmly believe if you only own one self tan it needs to be a tanning mousse. From the cheaper end of the market with st Moritz, or bondi sands, to sunny honey Bali bronzing, there will always be the perfect water mousse self tan foam for you.