Which Fake Tan Is Best For Pale Skin Tones

Which Fake Tan Is Best For Pale Skin Tones

 Are you someone who longs for a bronzed tan but struggles to find the best self tan for your pale skin tone? This was me, long before I discovered Rose & Caramel Intensity Self-Tanning Foam, but first, let's take it back.

 Growing up my pale skin tone was a big insecurity of mine, no matter how long I sat in the sun I would never get a tan. I would jet off on holiday praying to catch even a little bit of a tan, but that never happened. It was during this time that my insecurity had peaked. I knew there was something I needed to do about it. This is when I discovered the power of fake tanning.

 Being 14, I was on the lookout for the most affordable, darkest fake tan I could find, along with the famous one-sided foam mitt… As you can imagine it turned out to be a recipe for disaster, leaving me with streaks and an orange hue. However, despite the less-than-ideal outcome, the confidence and boost I gained from it will be something I never forget.

 Since that experience, I have been tanning religiously and have gained a strong sense of confidence in my own skin. Ive learnt that having pale skin shouldn’t be seen as an insecurity, but rather something to embrace and appreciate. I have spent a lot of time researching the best ways on how to prep my skin before fake tanning and how to properly apply fake tan. However, I soon discovered that the key to achieving a flawless self-tan lies in finding the right product that suits my skin tone. That’s when I came across Rose and Caramel Intensity Self-Tanning Foam.

 Intensity Tanning Foam is hands down the best Tanning Foam for all the pale/porcelain skin toned girls like me. Intensity has been designed specifically for pale/porcelain skin tones, with red undertones to lift the dullest of skin tones & brighten the complexion. Giving a gorgeous classic, full coverage bronze colour, almost like you’ve just come back from a 2-week tropical holiday. Our Intensity Range comes in a Gradual, Medium-Dark & Ultra Dark Fake Tan. Personally for me, Medium-Dark is my fave as I love that I can have a natural-ish looking fake tan, but also build it up for ultra-dark results. Our Intensity Self-Tanning Foam has been fomulated with Elfamoist, which is an intense moisturising ingredient, that helps to hydrate & smooth the skin. The added mango & pomegranate scent is a pleasant bonus. Eliminating the typical fake tan biscuit smell. To achieve the best fake tan, ensure you are using a good Tanning Mitt, Our Deluxe Tanning Mitt pairs perfectly with your Intensity Self-Tanning Foam, it’s going to help the mousse your applying, glide over skin evenly without any streaks or patches.

 On that note, Remember confidence and self love are not limited by skin tone. Embrace it!