The Ultimate Guide To Fake Tanning For Asian Skin

The Ultimate Guide To Fake Tanning For Asian Skin

The Ultimate Guide To Fake Tanning For Asian Skin

Since working at Rose & Caramel for over a year I have gained so much knowledge on the ins and outs of self tanning, from the different tones, formulas to application. Because I am an avid fake tanner and an expert now, Im going to share with you all my knowledge, tips and tricks on fake tanning for asian skin. We are now in the year 2023, and I still feel as if there is still stigma circling around ‘fake tanning’. With the questions being, Does fake tan work on dark skin? Who can use it and who cannot… The right answer is absolutely anyone can use fake tan, gradual tan, tanning lotions… its a personal choice and can be used by anyone that wants to enhance their natural skin tone, add some colour to the skin, and cover blemishes or marks. i have learnt over the years that is really is okay to self tan no matter the diversity, religion or ethnicity of someone & it doesn’t just have to be used by pale, fair skin tones! 

I am South Asian, meaning I already have naturally darker skin. When I was in my teens It was kind of frowned upon and ‘weird’ for me to fake tan, but it was something I liked to do to give me a confidence boost as id be showing my skin quite a bit. I have a naturally warm skin tone which ranges from a yellowish to brown tone. It can often look quite dull which is an insecurity. I like to change this insecurity into confidence with fake tan application, i do this to just add a subtle hint of colour to the skin, lifting it and cancelling out any discolouration. My piece of advice is if you want to fake tan & are slightly considering it… I just say do it! As I’ve matured over time it’s become no issue for me anymore and I honestly thrive for the confidence boost it gives me! 

Avoid Orange Tones In Self Tanners

I try to steer away from any tans with any orange undertones as it can clash with the natural undertones of the skin that can tend to be warm. So if you use an orange tone tan it can often create an unnatural appearance. So it is best to choose a tan with a golden/bronze undertone or with a flat brown undertone to compliment well with the undertones of the skin.


The Best Fake Tans For Asian Skin Tones

Unity Unisex Tanning Mousse (In shade Medium Dark) - This is the one I highly recommend to purchase for avid fake tanner & it is one that I love the most. The purpose behind this fake tan is that it was a range specifically created to include every skin tone, every gender & every body. I knew it was going to be just absolutely perfect for me, and a great self tan for darker skin! The brown undertones in this tan pairs with my warm skin really well giving a deep brown/bronze tan. It evens out my skin tone, and with it being a full coverage self tanner it also covers any imperfections and dark blemishes on my legs… which is just an added bonus!

Nudity Mousse - If you’re not really an avid fake tanner, but know you have something coming up & you could be a little scared because the thought of fake tanning when you already have a naturally darker skin is a bit daunting. I highly recommend Nudity Mousse because it gives a natural flush of colour to the skin. I love everything about this tan, the fact that it offers transparent tanning & transfer free tanning, which means no stained bed sheets! That’s right… so when you wake up you are free from orange bed sheets! The golden undertones in this tan pair really well with the warm undertones in my skin. It makes my skin radiant and gives a golden tan, perfect for every day. This is very different to the Unity Unisex Tanning Foam as it is not as full coverage and is more on the natural side, so it’s a really good product if you are now wanting an extreme difference.

So girl, don’t stress it… you can still get your glow on with Rose & Caramel! Whether you have medium or dark skin. We have a bunch of luxury self tans that will suit your skin tone and give you that boost of confidence.