Self Tanning Myths You Should Stop Believing

Self Tanning Myths You Should Stop Believing

Self Tanning Myths You Should Stop Believing

At Rose & Caramel, we tanning experts believe in empowering, fun, and hassle-free self tanning experiences! We are aware of the numerous self tanning myths circulating around the beauty industry. In this article, I am going to crack these open and put an end to these common misconceptions that people are often programmed to believe, but we know you shouldn’t.

Self tanning isn’t safe

The main component in our self-tanning products is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a sugar-derived active ingredient that safely reacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells in the top layer of the skin to create a natural-looking tan. Rest assured that DHA doesn’t go beyond the surface and won’t cause any long-term damage as it is only regulated at a maximum concentration of 10%.

 However, as an extra precaution for pregnant women, we recommend performing a patch test before using our products. This helps avoid any potential sensitivities during pregnancy.

 It is totally safe, so go enjoy your Rose & Caramel products and embrace the beautiful, bronzed version of yourself!

Self tanning will leave you orange

Gone are the days of orange skin! Nowadays, achieving a flawless tan is all about the right formula and undertones. At Rose & Caramel, we take pride in being more than just an 'average' tanning brand. Our luxury fake tans are carefully crafted with different skin tones in mind, ensuring you find the perfect match.

To steer clear of those dreaded orange tones, we have our Velvety Olive Tanning Mousse, formulated with green undertones. These undertones work their magic during development, counteracting any orange tones, giving you that dreamy olive-tone tan. If you have a neutral or deeper skin tone, this self-tanner is the ideal choice for you.

Remember, no self-tanner will leave you orange if you choose the right one for your skin tone. Why not try our Tan Match Quiz to discover the ideal Rose & Caramel tanning products tailored specifically to your needs? So get ready to be a radiant, bronzed, confidence boosting goddess, the Rose & Caramel way!

One self tan suits all skin tones & types

This is definitely not the case! Rose & Caramel, offer a range of tanning products catered to various skin tones and types. Read below what each of our self tanning products offer:

Intensity Tanning Mousse - Replicate a natural holiday tan with Intensity, our deep bronze tanning foam. Formulated with red undertones, Intensity lifts and brightens dull skin tones, allowing paler skin to achieve a deeper tone.

Velvety Tanning Mousse - Create the olive tan of dreams with our Velvety tanning mousse. Best suited to deeper skin tones, Velvety is formulated with green undertones to counteract any orange during development for a deep olive tan with zero orange tones.

Unity Tanning Foam - Unity is our unisex tanning mousse, created with a flat brown tone that suits every skin tone, every gender & every body. Infused with a designer inspired fragrance, this tanning foam leaves your skin with a deep brown tan and a desirable scent.

Nudity Tanning Mousse - Our transparent tanning mousse that adapts to all skin tones and develops into a classic golden tan. Formulated with a clear guide colour that only develops on skin cells & is 95% transfer free, creating a clean tanning experience.

Prepping before self tanning isn’t necessary

So you experienced gals and guys know the drill… Prepping is just as important as the self tan application! Without prepping the skin, your fake tan can patch up on dry areas of the skin or prevent the tan from developing evenly on the skins top layer. 

Shave & Exfoliate: Doing this at least 24 hours before self tan application will remove any dead skin cells and ensure a clean base for your fake tan to stick to, you can lightly exfoliate the skin with Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan Remover, and shaving will allow the skin’s pores to close properly before tanning, preventing uneven absorption.

Dry Exfoliate: Dry exfoliating dry areas, or areas such as the chest where fake tan tends to not cling will help the fake tan to sink into the top layer more evenly and prevent black dots from occurring.

Hydrate: Using Purity Repair Oil Free Moisturiser OR Purity Repair Prep & Protect. Keep any dry areas moisturised/hydrated such as knees, elbows, ankles etc to prevent tan from clinging to these spots and creating darker patches.  

Avoid Oil-Based Products: Before applying self-tanner, steer clear of oil-based products that can form a barrier on the skin.

All self tans smell like biscuits

We know for a fact that there are self tanners on the shelves that have the pungent ‘biscuit’ smell. Rose & Caramel's self-tanners stand out from the rest, as our Intensity and Velvety Tanning Mousses come infused with a delightful fruity mango and pomegranate scent, leaving you smelling delicious and your bed sheets smelling fresh while it does its magic and develops.

 We can’t forget our well-known, award-winning Unity range infused with designer scent inspired by ‘baccarat rouge’. Our customers rave about this unique fragrance, saying they haven’t come across any other fake tan like it.

 Rose & Caramel has revolutionised the tanning game by offering luxury-scented products that make tanning enjoyable and refreshing.

Fake tan provides sun protection

While fake tan leaves you looking gorgeous and beautifully tanned, it does not provide any protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. The UV rays can still penetrate the skin and cause damage, leading to sunburn, premature ageing, and an increased risk of skin cancer. It is important to use sun protection (SPF) whenever you are exposed to the sun. Try to avoid using an oily SPF, as the oils in the product can cause your fake tan to break down quicker and not last as long.