Trinity By Chloe Adair

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Trinity Glow By Chloe Adair (50ml)

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Trinity By Chloe Adair Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

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Trinity Repair Skin Conditioning Treatment (200ml)

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Trinity Gift Bag

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Trinity Excel Tan Remover By Chloe Adair (200ml)

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Trinity Excel Tan Remover By Chloe Adair (440ml)

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The Holy Grail By Chloe Adair

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The Holy Grail Extra By Chloe Adair

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Trinity Tan & Hydrate

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Trinity On Trinity Off

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Trinity Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

– Trinity Has Oil Free Moisture To Keep Your Skin Soft.

– A Gorgeous Coconut Scent

– Creates The Perfect Dark Bronze Colour

Trinity Excel Tan Remover

– Trinity Excel Has The Same Beautiful Coconut Scent As The Tan.

– It Acts Not Just As A Remover But An Exfoliator Too.

– Leaves Your Skin Perfectly Primed Ready To Put Your Fresh Layer Of Tan On.

Trinity Repair Skin Conditioning Treatment

– Essential Ingredients For Noticeably Soft, Smooth & Healthy Skin.

– Created To Save All Self Tanners Seeking Self Tan Friendly Moisture.

– Encourages Long Lasting Self Tan Results

How To Apply

Step 1 –  The Key To Keeping Your Tan Looking It’s Absolute Best Is Moisturising! A Key Part Of Your Tanning Routine Should Be Moisturising Your Dry Areas! This Will Prevent Tan From Clinging To Dry Skin And Will Encourage Even Coverage.

Step 2 – Apply your tan with a Rose&Caramel Deluxe Tanning Mitt To Ensure The Smoothest Tan Application.

Step 3 – Keeping The Skin Moisturised Is What’s Going To Extend Your Tan Life! Use This Daily After A shower – A Little Goes A Long Way.

Step 4 – Tan Removal Is Essential To Achieving A Flawless Tan. Not Only Will It Leave Your Skin 100% Tan Free But It Will Also Rejuvenate & Hydrate Your Skin Whilst Removing Any Dead Skin Cells.


How Long Does The Tan Take To Develop?

You Should Leave Your Tan To Develop For 6-8 Hours!

Can I Apply This Before I Tan?

Yes We Advise To Apply This To Your Dry Areas Such As Your Elbows, Knees And Ankles.

Does Trinity Excel Have A Scent?

Yes, Trinity Has Been Formulated With A Coconut Scent Leaving Your Skin Smelling Gorgeous.

Can I Layer Trinity Mousse?

Yes! All Our Tanning Mousses Can Be Layered To Achieve Darker Results. Make Sure Each Layer Is Touch Dry Before You Apply Your Next Coat.