Velvety Mousse, Intensity Mousse & Nudity Aerosol



The Tanaholic Trio Is A MUST Have For All You Tanaholics Out There Who Like To Mix Up Their Tans To Suit Their Mood Or Who Dare To Layer These 3 For An Seriously Deep Combo.


Here At Rose & Caramel Our Passion For Tanning Never Ends & This Is Why Our Combos Just Keep On Growing!


When You Buy The Tanaholic Trio You Are Buying 6 Combinations Of Tanning Choices.


Classic Velvety : Olive Toned Tanning Mousse


Classic Intensity : Bronzed Toned Tanning Mousse


Classic Nudity : Clean & Clear Golden Self Tan Spray


Ultimate Tan : Velvety & Nudity For The

Ultimate Tan


Ultimate Glow : Intensity & Nudity For The

Ultimate Glow


Tanaholics Trio : Velvety & Intensity With Nudity Misted Over To Give An Unbelievably Dark Combination.



The Tanaholic Trio Is Only To Be Used By Experienced Self Tanners Who Are Out To Achieve A Deep Tone.



I Personally Use Intensity First, Then Velvety & Finish Off With Nudity Mist!



We Have Been Asked To Offer This Combo For A While & So We Have Finally Delivered!



Why Mix Tones? Mixing Tones & Tanning Methods Gives Results That Just Cannot Be Achieved On All Skin Types By One Single Tan.