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 Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath 500ml

With Free Exfoliating Mitt



It’s Finally Here!! At Rose & Caramel We Are Super Excited To Be LaunchingThe Worlds First Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath!!



We All Know Taking Self Tan Off Is THE WORST Part Of The Self Tan Experience,

So We Have Took Out The Hassle & Given You An Excuse To Relax & Soak For Twenty Minutes In A Bubble Bath.


Purity Bubble Bath Is 100% Colour, Paraben, Alcohol & Perfume Free So Can Be Used On All Skin Types With No Irritation.


Simply Pour Under Running Water & Watch The Bubbles Fill Up The Tub


Relax For 20 Minutes & Gently Buff Over Your Skin With Exfoliating Mitts Provided & Watch Your Tan Melt Away !


Purity Bubble Bath Is Packed With Skin Rejuvenating Benefits That Leave Your Skin Super Fresh, Extra Clean & Fully Prepped For Your Next Self Tan. Purity Bubble Bath Works With Any Self Tan!


Customer Reviews:


“Tried the Purity self tan removing bath soak and I could not be happier with the results! After 20 mins I just gently used my exfoliating gloves and my tan came off soooo easily! Highly recommend to anyone 💚’


“Just used the removing bubble bath scrub and omg my skin feel amazing! The tan/tiger bread stage has all gone, I feel exfoliated and I’m ready to put my fav velvet tan back on again! Thank you 🙏🏼”


“I have a baby so actually don’t have time to sit and soak lol but I had a quick 10 min bath and was genuinely shocked that I came out of the bath with no tan on! I didn’t look like a bright red lobster either as I didn’t have to scrub my skin to remove the tan, I literally lay there and then gently wiped over my skin with the gloves provided.  I actually didn’t even re-apply my tan that night because I was that impressed at how well it removed it, I wanted to show the girls in work 😂 I’ve since bought the velvety fake tan for at home too and I also can’t fault that. I used it for the first time and the day after 3 people complimented my colour of tan (which never happens)”


“Would defo recommend both these products! Love them 💜💜”


“Just wanted to say I’m so shook?! Been going through a house move, intense cleaning and furniture moving – just all sorts and my tan stayed strong through it all 💪 This did make me think it would be a nightmare to get off though… Thought I’d go ahead and tackle it tonight as I was so worried – used the Purity Self Tan Remover and it basically just wiped off in the bath?! What is this magic!! Amazing stuff. As someone who doesn’t tan naturally, the Purity set is a godsend🙏🏻”


“Been a huge fan of the whole tanning range for a long time now, but just used the bubble bath tan remover for the first time tonight and omg the results are amazing!!! Literally came off so easily within minutes and my skin is left feeling so soft 🥰 game changer!! 💛”


“By far the best tan i have ever used. Easy to apply and fades really nicely. I also use the bubble bath tan remover and the foam tan remover, which are both life savers (and time savers). Highly recommend. ❤️👌”


“If you are looking to get rid of your fake tan off your body you need to buy the Rose and Caramel Bath Remover it’s amazing!! I have always struggled getting fake tan off but this is my new go too!!! It came off in 2 minutes and they come with gloves which are so easy to scrub off with! You will not be disappointed can’t wait to try the tans!!! Xxxx”

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