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Buff & Bubbles is my new Wednesday night go to! I have always been purity self tan removing bubble baths biggest fan for the most relaxing way to remove my tan! But the tan removal sponge is out of this world for a really abrasive exfoliant. The pearlite in the sponge buffs away even the most stubborn tan & I always buff over any cellulite prone areas to keep my skin smooth! So together they are the dream pair for me!


The Ulimate Glow is my must have products!!! I use them both combined and individually, depending on my tanning needs. Nudity Aerosol is my weekly go to tan, ,misting over my face a couple of times a week for a healthy glow making for an easy morning routine 🙌🏻 100% recommend for mums on the go. Nudity Aerosol and Intensity Mousse combination is hand down my go to products for Girlies nights out, giving me an airbrush bronzed tan, making finding an outfit so much easier. Everything looks better with a tan.


The Cleanse, Tan, Moisturise set is my secret to a brilliant tan every week. I use Purity Excel which is the best, it removes my old tan within minutes. Then I apply Intensity mousse for holiday glow look which i sometimes layer for a darker tan ready for a night out. Purity repair is my favourite luxury moisturiser which helps my tan last longer & keep my skin looking hydrated.


My go to bundle is the invisible tanning set. I use the nudity aerosol weekly to give me a golden tan without any transfer on my beddings and clothes. I also use the aerosol every few days on my face for a natural glow so I can wake up fresh faced & ready to go.


My all time favourite bundle is velvety tan on tan off. Velvety compliments my skin tone perfectly creating a long lasting dark olive tan with no orange tones at all! When I’m ready to remove my tan I use Purity Excel. I don’t know what I did before this product, it is hands down the best self tan remover and makes my wash off Wednesdays 100x easier.


My favourite bundle is the ultimate glow duo! I use Intensity mousse first which gives me a dark bronzed tan and then i mist over with nudity aerosol to create extra dark results. I find when using this duo my tan last twice as long and makes my skin look flawless! X


My favourite bundle to use is the Bronze and buff! My go to mousse is the nudity gradual because it’s clear to apply and develops into an amazing glowy tone and smells fruity & refreshing🥰 The brush is a perfect accessory to apply tan to my face & hands 🙌🏽


The Ultimate Glow Duo

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Cleanse, Tan , Moisturise

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Invisible Tanning Set

£ 33.92 £ 24.99
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Tan On Tan Off

£ 49.96 £ 42.46
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The Ultimate Tanning Kit

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Bronze & Buff

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Buff Away With Bubbles

£ 50.96 £ 35.99
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