Blur your skin to perfection with our mess free instant tanning stick that gives flawless ultra bronze results to any skin tone. Water & sweat resistant!

Skinstant Instant Bronzed Tanning Stick

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Skin Tones

Our Magic Instant Tan Adapts To All Skin Tones Within A Matter Of Minutes!

Water Resistant

Unlike Other Instant Tans, Skinstant Is Splash, Water & Sweat Proof. This Years Beauty Must Have, Get The Perfect Tan For All Occassions!

Face & Body

This Bespoke Formula Can Be Applied To Small Areas For A Deep Contour Look Or Full Body For A Deep Bronzed Coverage!

How Long Does The Instant Tan Last?

Skinstant Is a 24 Hour Tan That Can Be Easily Washed Away With Soap & Water

How Do I Apply Instant Tan?

Apply tanning stick directly to the tanning mitt provided & gently buff over any areas of the body you desire to be tanned!

What Colour Is The Instant Tan?

Skinstant Is The Perfect Bronzed Colour

Does Your Instant Tan Have Self Tan In It?

Our Skinstant Has No Active Self Tanning agents in the formula

Will This Work On Dry Skin?

Yes, we advise to apply a light layer of moisturiser before applying the tanning stick.

Will Your Instant Tan Run In The Rain?

No! Skinstant is splash, water and sweat proof , perfect for all occasions!

Can This Be Used On Face & Body?

Yes, our Skinstant formula is suitable for both face & body