How To Apply Our Combination Tans

Tanning Tips 'How To Apply Use Rose & Caramel Self Tanning Mousse & Nudity Aerosol Together'

Our Guide To The Perfect Self Tan

We Have Been Using Our Self Tan Mousses & Nudity Aerosol Together To Help Those Who Want A Extra Dark, Full Coverage Tan!

Layering Two Of Our Products Together Is Perfect Way To Create Deeper More Intensified Results And Also Great For Skin Types That Usually Struggle To Achieve Dark Results With Self Tan!

Our Combination Tans Also Apply To Any Mousse Bundle Which Contains A Mini Velvety Or Nudity Spray!

*Exfoliate – Using An Exfoliating Glove Gently Buff Your Skin To Remove Any Excess Tan & Dead Skin Cells. We Reccommend Using Rose & Caramels Purity Self Tan Remover To Get Your Skin Fully Prepped & Squeaky Clean Ready For Your Next Tan Application


*Make Sure You Are Free Of Perfume Deoderant & Moisturiser


*Make Sure You Shave/Wax 24 Hours Before Your Tanning Application


*Lightly Moisturise Any Dry Areas To Encourage Even Application (Hands, Feet & Elbows Are Common Dry Areas)

*Firstly Apply 1 Or 2 Layers Of Self Tanning Mousse


*Using Your Rose & Caramel Deluxe Tanning Mitt, Apply A Generous Amount Of Foam To The Mitt & Apply In Circular Motions


*Take Extra Care Around Hands, Feet, Wrists & Knuckles, Buff These Areas Thoroughly After Application

*When Layering, Ensure Every Layer Is Dry Before Applying Your Next Coat.


*Note:  A Little Of Rose & Caramel Self Tanning Mousse Goes A Long Way – Take This In To Consideration When Applying For The First Time, Always Try 1 Layer First To Gage How Dark You Go

*After Applying Your Self Tanning Mousse


*Lightly Mist Over All Areas With Nudity Aerosol


*Not Only With This Give You A Perfect Tan, It Will Also Reduce Wear Off & Lock In The Colour Guide Of Your Chosen Tanning Mousse!


*We Reccomend To Use Only Nudity Aerosol On Your Face. Nudity Gives An Even Coverage & Does Not Block Pores- Bye Bye Black Heads!


NOTE: Nudity Aerosol Product Is Up To 95% Transfer Free. This Product Can Transfer Through Sweat & Dead Skin Cells. Nudity Products Are Also Not To Be Sprayed Or Applied Near Wool Or Natural Fibres.

*After Application Wear Loose Clothing Whilst Your Tan Settles In To The Skin


*Leave The Tan To Develop For 8 Hours Or Overnight


*Make Sure You Moisturise Everyday To Keep Your Skin Hydrated


*Oils Naturally Break Down Self Tan- So Avoid Any Oily Products

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