How To Spray

How To Spray

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Note: For Your First Application Using The Nudity Aerosol We Advise You Only Apply One Coat Of The Tan To Gage How Dark The Colour Will Develop On Your Skin.


You Can Then Layer For A Darker Colour.

  • Always Test Out This Product On a Small Area Before You Do a Full Body Application
  • Make Sure To Shave & Exfoliate Before Tanning
  • Lightly Moisturise Any Dry Areas To Encourage Even Application, (Hands, Feet & Elbows Are Common Dry Areas)
  • Nudity Will Develop On Any Skin Cells Touched, Use Sticky Feet To Stop It Developing On To Soles Of Feet
  • Always Elevate Arms & Legs For Application. Legs Must Be Parallel To The Floor To Stop Over Spray Landing On Feet
  • Only Mist Over Hands & Feet Once From A 30-40Cm Distance. Keeping Slightly Clawed Fingers.
  • Lightly Mist Over Any Areas You Have Sprayed To Ensure Even Coverage
  • You Can See Your Skin Shine Where The Spray Has Landed To Help With Your Application
  • Do Not Layer This Product On Your First Application
  • A Light Spray Gives All Skin Tones A Lovely Colour, Once You Have Seen Your Colour You Can Decide Whether To Layer
  • Make Sure You Are Dry Before Getting Dressed
  • Wake Up Bronzed & Moisturise Daily To Ensure Even Fade
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