Which Tan Will Give Me The Most Natural Results?

Intensity Will Achieve The Most Natural Looking Holiday Glow Tan

I Struggle To Get My Tan Extra Dark Even After 2 Layers, How Can Achieve Dark Results?

To Get Darker Results We Recommend Using A Duo Method Of Tanning. This Velvety Or Intensity Solution With Then A Nudity Solution Used Over The Top. This Duo Method Of Tanning Means That There Will Be Double The Amount Of DHA Which Your Skin Will Take To Better.

How Do You Use The Purity Prep & Protect?

Before Tanning Application, Lightly Mist Over Dry Areas, Hands, Elbows, Feet & Knees Are A Must. Do Not Saturate Skin. Self Tan As Normal Lightly Mist Over Your Tan Application To Reduce Colour Wear Off & Lock In Colour. Use Daily To Keep Skin Soft, Hydrated & Healthy, Boosting Your Tans Appearance & Giving.

What Is The Difference Between Velvety & Intensity?

Velvety Has A Green Undertone Throughout Development To Counteract Orange Tones To Give An Deep Olive Finish. Intensity Has A Red Undertone Throughout Development To Lift Dull Skin Tones & Give A Natural Bronzed Colour.

Should I Expect To See Any Colour Wash Off In The Shower?

You Will Expect To See Colour Wash Off In The Shower From Velvety & Intensity Solution. However You Should Not Expect To See Any Or Very Little Wash Off With Nudity.

Are Any Of Your Products Tested On Animals?

No. All Rose & Caramel Products Are 100% CRUELTY FREE.

How Can I Remove My False Tan?

The Best Way To Remover Any Old Tan Is To Use Rose & Caramels Purity Tan Remover. Purity Is To Be Used On Tans That Are Atleast 3 Days Old

How Long Does The Tan Take To Develop?

Everyone’s skin is different. You Should Leave Your Tan To Develop For 6-8 Hours Or Overnight.

Can I Layer My Tan?

Yes You Can. Layering Can Be Done On The Same Day, Just Make Sure Each Layer Is Touch Dry Before You Apply Your Next Coat.

Which Product Will Give Me The Darkest Tan?

Velvety & Intensity 14% Are Our Darkest Solutions But For Extra Dark Results You Can Spray A Second Layer With Nudity For Extra Dark Full Coverage Results

Will The Guide Colour Wash Off?

Velvety- Velvety Tan Is Applied With An Olive Colour Guide That Can Be A Little Dirty Looking Upon Application. The Intense Hydration Technology Takes The Colour Guide Deep Into The Skin Encouraging An Olive Colour Once Developed. You Will See Minimal Rinse Off In The Shower & Be Left With A Flawless Olive Tan.

Are Your Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Yes, All Our Products Are Safe During Pregnancy.

Will Nudity Tan Rub Off On My Clothes or Bedding?

No. Our tan is 99% Transfer Free as it only develops on skin cells. The only way our tan will transfer on to material is through sweat, dead skin cells or natural fibres.