General FAQ's

Why Is Rose & Caramel Different To Any Other Tanning Brand?

Here At Rose & Caramel We Innovate, Never Replicate. Creating Products To Resolve Common Self Tanning Problems Across The Globe Has Become The Soul Purpose Of Our Brand. Unlike Other Fake Tan Brands, Our Tanning Mousse’s Are Created With Various Skin Tones In Mind, Ensuring We Have A Tan Tone To Suit Every Skin Type.

Where Can I Find The Ingredients In Your Products?

A Full List Of Ingredients Of Each Product Can Be Found On It’s Products Page

Where Are Rose & Caramel Products Made?

All Rose & Caramel Products Are Made & Distributed In The UK

Are All Rose & Caramel Products Vegan & Cruelty Free?

YES! All Rose & Caramel Products Are Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

Are Your Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Yes, All Our Products Are Safe During Pregnancy. However We Do Suggest Avoiding The Breast Area If You Are Lactating And Consulting With Your Doctor And Doing A Patch Test To Ensure You Don’t Have A Reaction Due To An Increase In Hormones.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Rose & Caramel Accepts Payment Via Credit & Debit Cards, ApplyPay & Paypal.  Clearpay, Klarna & Laybuy Are Available On All Orders

Can I Recycle My Bottle Of Tan?

Yes, 80% Off The Tanning Bottles Can Be Recycled! Rinse The Bottle Excluding The Pump And Put It In Your Plastic Recycle Bin.

Self Tanning

How Do I Know Which Tans Best For Me?

Picking Your Tan To Compliment Your Skin Tone

Trinity Ultra Dark- All Skin Tones

Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Mousse- All Skin Tones

Intensity Bronzed Tanning Mousse- Cool & Neutral Undertones

Velvety Olive Tanning Mousse- Warm & Neutral Undertones


If Your Still Unsure On Which Tan Is Best For You Take Our Short Tan Match Quiz

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What’s The Best Way To Apply The Skinstant Tanning Stick?


We Recommend Applying The Tanning Stick Directly To The Mini Mitt Provided And Then Apply To Skin, Buffing In Using Circular Motions.

How Long Will My Tan Last Using The Skinstant Stick?

You Will Get A Minimum Of 24 Hour Wear Out Of Our Skinstant Stick! This Sweat & Waterproof Formula Is Long-Lasting And Can Be Removed Using Soap And Water.

Which Tan Will Give Me The Most Natural Results?

One Layer Of All Of Our Tans Will Give A Light Natural Glow To The Skin. However If You Are Looking For A Bronzed Holiday Glow Intensity Mousse Is Perfect For You.

How Long Should I Expect My Tan To Last?

Your Tan Should Last Between 7-10 Days When Used In Conjunction With Purity Repair Skin Conditioning Treatment. The Key To A Long Tan Life Is Hydrated Skin.

How Do I Use The Gradual Tanning Mousse?

Apply The Gradual Tanning Mousse Onto Clean, Dry Skin In Circular Motions With A Tanning Mitt. Use Lightly For A Fresh Glow Or Use Over 3-4 Days To Gradually Build Up A Darker Finish.

How Many Applications Will I Get Out Of One Bottle Of Tanning Mousse?

You Will Get 6 – 8 Full Body Applications From 1 Bottle Of Tanning Mousse

Will Nudity Tan Rub Off On My Clothes or Bedding?

No. The Nudity range is 99% Transfer Free meaning you can tan without any transfer onto bedding and clothes as it only develops on skin cells. The only way our tan will transfer on to material is through sweat, dead skin cells or natural fibres.

Can I Use Tan On My Face?

Yes! Nudity Aerosol Is The Best Facial Tanner, Our Clear Solution Evenly Develops In To A Golden Glow, Without Blocking Pores, Reducing The Chance Of Blackheads & Does Not Give The Face A ‘Muddy’ Effect

How Can I Avoid Black Dots Appearing When Tanning?

We Recommend Applying Nudity Mousse Prior To Your Usual Guide Colour Tanning Foam. The Clear Guide Colour Of Nudity Will Create A Barrier For Your Pores Preventing Any Guide Colour From Soaking In To Prevent The Black Dot Effect.

Which Product Will Give Me The Darkest Tan?

Trinity By Chloe Adair Is Our Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse! Velvety & Intensity Are Our Dark Tanning Mousses But Can Be Layered With Our Nudity Aerosol For Extra Dark Results.

What Is The Difference Between Velvety & Intensity?

Velvety Has A Green Undertone Throughout Development To Counteract Orange Tones To Give An Deep Olive Finish. Intensity Has A Red Undertone Throughout Development To Lift Dull Skin Tones & Give A Natural Bronzed Colour.

Should I Expect To See Any Colour Wash Off In The Shower?

You Will Expect To See Colour Wash Off In The Shower From Velvety & Intensity Foam. However You Should Not Expect To See Any Or Very Little Wash Off With Nudity.

I Struggle To Get My Tan Extra Dark Even After 2 Layers, How Can Achieve Dark Results?

Some Skin Types Struggle To Take To Tan. For These Hard To Tan Skin Types We Recommend To Get Darker Results Through Using A Duo Method Of Tanning To Deepen Your Tan & Give The Fullest Coverage.

Use Any Tanning Mousse First, Applying Either One Or Two Layers Depending On Your Desired Colour Then Simply Mist Over With Nudity Clear Aerosol For The Ultimate Tan!

Self Tan Removers

How Can I Remove My False Tan?

Our Purity Range Contains Multi Award Winning Tan Removal Products, To Make Your Tan Disappear As Easy As It Was Applied

Do Your Self Tan Removers Work With Any Brand Of Tan?

Yes! Our Self Tan Removers Will Work With Any Brand Of Fake Tan.

How Do I Use Your Purity Buff Away Sponge?

Simply Dampen Your Sponge In Either The Bath Or Shower Before Lathering Up With Our Self Tan Removal Ingredients Using The Green Side Of The Sponge. Then Buff Away Using The White Side For Intense Exfoliation.

Can I Use The Purity Buff Away Sponge If I Don’t Wear Tan?

Of Course, Our Purity Buff Away Sponge Has Plenty Of Skin Rejuvenating Benefits Such As, Removing Dead Skin Cells & Encouraging Skin Cell Renewal, Revealing Healthier, Softer Skin.

Which Of Your Removers Is The Fastest?

Our Purity Excel Is Our Newest 3 Minute Miracle Tan Remover. Excel Is The Fastest Tan Remover On The Market, Removing Your Tan In Just 3 Minutes!

How Do You Use Your Fake Tan Removers?

All How To’s Can Be Found On Each Product Page

I Have Sensitive Private Parts, Will The Purity Bubble Bath Be Okay To Use?

Yes! The Purity Bubble Bath Is 100% Colour, Paraben, Alcohol & Perfume Free So Can Be Used On All Skin Types With No Irritation.

Will Using A Self Tan Remover Damage My Skin?

No, All Of Our Purity Self Tan Removers Are Packed With Skin Rejuvenating Benefits. Leaving Your Skin Squeaky Clean & Prepped Ready For Your Next Self Tan.

How Can I Erase My Fake Tanning Mistakes?

The Purity Foam Self Tan Remover Can Be Used To Remove Your Old Tan Or Erase Any Tanning Mistakes!

Self Tanning Application

How Do I Know If I Am Spraying Nudity Aerosol Correctly?

When Spraying The Aerosol You Should Be Able To See The Tan Hitting Your Skin (Good Lighting Is Key). You Should See A Sheen On Your Skin. Your Tan Should Not Run/Drip Or Feel Wet On Your Skin. Nudity Should Only Feel Damp On Your Skin& Should Be Dry In 60 Seconds. You Should Also Watch Our ‘How To Spray Video’ To Give In Depth Detail Of Spraying Nudity Aerosol.

How Do I Tantour My Face?

Apply A Small Amount Of Your Chosen Tanning Mousse On To Your Rose & Caramel Tanning Brush & Gently Buff In To Your Face Where You Usually ‘Contour’. After This Mist Over Your Face Using Nudity Aerosol.

Can I Layer My Tan?

Yes You Can. Layering Can Be Done On The Same Day, Just Make Sure Each Layer Is Touch Dry Before You Apply Your Next Coat.

How Long Does The Tan Take To Develop?

Everyone’s Skin Is Different, But You Should Leave Your Tan To Develop For At Least 6-8 Hours, Or Sleep In Your Tan Over Night.

How Can I Stop The Tan On My Hands & Feet Over-Developing?

Purity Prep & Protect Is A Must For Tanning, Our 3 In 1 Product Can Be Used Before Tanning Application, Lightly Mist Over Dry Areas, Hands, Elbows, Feet & Knees. Do Not Saturate Skin. Self Tan As Normal & Lightly Mist Over Your Tan Application To Reduce Colour Wear Off & Lock In Colour. Use Daily To Keep Skin Soft, Hydrated & Healthy, Boosting Your Tans Appearance & Giving.

How Do You Use The Purity Prep & Protect?

Before Tanning Application, Lightly Mist Over Dry Areas, Hands, Elbows, Feet & Knees Are A Must. Do Not Saturate Skin. Self Tan As Normal Lightly Mist Over Your Tan Application To Reduce Colour Wear Off & Lock In Colour. Use Daily To Keep Skin Soft, Hydrated & Healthy, Boosting Your Tans Appearance & Giving.

What Moisturiser Should I Use?

We Recommend Using A Light, Oil Free Moisturiser To Prevent The Tan From Breaking Down Faster. Our Purity Repair Skin Conditioning Formula Is Oil Free &  Provides Your Skin With Intense 48 Hour Hydration And Encourage Maximum Tan Life.

How Can I Make My Tan Last Longer?

Purity Repair Is Our Oil Free Skin Conditioning Treatment Which Can Be Used Daily, Providing Your Skin With Intense 48 Hour Hydration Without Breaking Down Your Self Tan To Encourage Maximum Tan Life.