Prep & Maintain

Prep & Maintain

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    Self Tanners And Active Bodies For Easy, Instant Hydration. Self Tan Saviour Products, Prep & Maintain Your Tan.

    Self Tan Life

    Misting Over Dry Areas Before Tanning Will Hydrate The Skin, Preventing Tan From Over-Developing To Create An Even, Flawless Application.


    • Intense Hydration
    • Oil Free
    • Skin Prep & Tan Extender


    Use Prep & Protect Before Tanning. Spray On Your Dry Areas To Encourage Even Flawless Results On Your Hard To Tan Areas. After Your Self Tan Has Developed You Should Use Prep & Protect Daily To Keep Your Tan Lasting Longer!

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    Heavy Oils Break Down Self Tan. To Keep Your Tan Healthier & Long Lasting You Should Use Oil Free Products On Your Skin. This Is Why We Created Our Dual Purpose Oil Free Moisturisers!