Trinity By Chloe Adair

Trinity By Chloe Adair


    Trinity Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

    – Creates The Perfect Ultra Dark Bronze Colour
    - A Gorgeous Coconut Scent
    – Layer For Darker Results

    Trinity Excel Tan Remover

    – Trinity Excel Has The Same Beautiful Coconut Scent As The Tan.
    – It Acts Not Just As A Remover But An Exfoliator Too.
    – Leaves Your Skin Perfectly Primed Ready To Put Your Fresh Layer Of Tan On.

    Trinity Repair Skin Conditioning Treatment

    – Essential Ingredients For Noticeably Soft, Smooth & Healthy Skin.
    – Created To Save All Self Tanners Seeking Self Tan Friendly Moisture.
    – Encourages Long Lasting Self Tan Results


    You Should Leave Your Tan To Develop For 6-8 Hours!

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

    Yes, Trinity Has Been Formulated With A Coconut Scent Leaving Your Skin Smelling Gorgeous.