How to Apply Nudity Aerosol

How to Apply Nudity Aerosol

How To Apply Nudity Aerosol

Top Tips On How To Apply Nudity Aerosol

  1. A Light Spray Gives All Skin Tones A Lovely Colour
  2. Don’t Layer The Aerosol On Your First Application, After Development You Can Decide Whether To Layer It
  3. Wear Sticky Feet To Prevent Development On The Soles Of Your Feet
  4. Spray The Aerosol Slowly, Fast Spraying Will Result In Smearing
  5. Always Elevate Your Arms And Legs
  6. Look For The Wetness On Your Skin
  7. ‘Spray Away, Spray Away, Then Finish With A Zig Zag’
  8. When Spraying Your Hands Keep Them Slightly Clawed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Spray My Feet With Nudity Aerosol?

When Spraying Feet- Legs should always be elevated up (ideally parallel to the floor) To Prevent excess tan falling on to your feet. Feet should never be sprayed over but only lightly misted 40cm away. Feet Must only be misted over once during application. If you have dry Feet apply a light moisturizer prior to application.

How Should I Spray My Hands With Nudity Aerosol?

When Spraying Hands- Your Arms Should Always Be Raised Up To Prevent Excess Tan Landing On Your Hands. Hands Should Never be Sprayed Over But Only Lightly Misted From 40cm Away In A Slightly Clawed Position.  Hands Must Only Be Misted Over Once During  Application. You Also Move Your Hand Around Under The Mist To Make Sure Have Covered All Fingers. If You Have Dry Hands Apply A Light Moisturizer Prior To Application. A LIGHT SPRAY IS KEY.

How Do I Prevent Nudity Aerosol Going On The Soles Of My Feet?

We Advise To Use a Pair Of Sticky Feet Every Time You Spray Nudity On Your Body. You Can Buy Sticky Feet From Our Website.  If You Haven’t Any Sticky Feet You Can Use Flip Flops Just Remember To Take Off And Mist Over Feet!

How Do I Know If I Am Spraying The Nudity Aerosol Correctly?

When Spraying You Should Be Able To See The Tan Hitting Your Skin (Good Lighting Is Key). You Should See A Sheen On Your Skin. Your Tan Should NOT Run/Drip Or Feel Wet On Your Skin. Nudity Should Only Feel Damp On Your Skin & Should Be Dry In 60 Seconds. You Should Also Watch Our How To Spray Video To Give You In-Depth Detail Of Spraying Nudity Aerosol.

Will Nudity Tan Rub Off On My Clothes or Bedding?

No. Our tan is 99% Transfer Free as it only develops on skin cells. The only way our tan will transfer on to material is through sweat, dead skin cells or natural fibers.

Can I Use Nudity Aerosol On My Face?

YES! Nudity is perfect to give your face the perfect golden tan. Nudity evenly develops in to a golden glow and does not give the face a ‘muddy’ effect when first applied like many other tans do. Nudity also does not block pores so reduces the chance of blackheads like other tans can cause.