Self Tanning Disasters & How To Fix Them

Self Tanning Disasters & How To Fix Them

Self Tanning Disasters And How To Fix Them

Tiger bread tan, patchy hands, muddy looking tan… We’ve all been there, this is why I am going to talk through tanning disasters and how to fix them. Follow these solutions and we guarantee you a flawless tan every time! So lets dive right into it…

Skipping Prep 

The key lies in preparation. First, use our Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan removing scrub to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for your self-tanner to adhere to. Otherwise, you can be left with a patchy, streaky finish. Priming your skin beforehand not only guarantees an even tan but also extends it’s longevity.

Immediately Shaving Before Applying Self Tan

If there’s one thing you take away from this short read, let it be avoiding immediate shaving. Give your pores the time they need to settle after shaving. Applying self tanner right away can lead to irritation, potentially ruining your old tan and causing the “strawberry leg” effect. If you did forget to shave, the solution is simple - wait until rinsing off your guide colour and then shave with gentle pressure

Not Moisturising Dry Areas

Certain areas of your skin, like elbows and knees, have a tendency to absorb excess tan, resulting in an uneven and muddy appearance the next day. To prevent any tanning mishaps, it's essential to use an oil free moisturiser, such as our Purity Repair, on these dry and flaky areas before tanning. This simple step ensures a smooth and flawless tan application, leaving you with a radiant glow without any patchiness.

Staining Your Nails 

Make sure to use a good quality tanning mitt like our Deluxe Tanning Mitt. The double sided thick velvet layer prevents self tanner seeping through and ruining your nails. If you notice any accidental tan on your nails during the application process, wipe it off immediately with a wipe. 

Over Applying On Hands & Feet

Remember, you don’t need much in these spots, make sure to use whatever is left over on the mitt to gently apply any excess product to these areas. In the event of any mishaps, the following day, you can effortlessly fix any mistakes using our Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan Remover to remove any unwanted tan.

Happy tanning besties!