Why You Need Our Universal Self Tanning Aerosol

Why You Need Our Universal Self Tanning Aerosol

Why You Need Our Universal Self Tanning Aerosol

Say Hello to Transfer Free Tanning with Nudity Aerosol. This lightweight Self Tanning mist adapts to all skin tones, leaving the skins complexion with a deep, golden glow perfect for any occasion. Are you looking to glow differently 2024? Keep reading to discover why Nudity Aerosol is the essential addition to your tanning routine.

Nudity Aerosol Is A Clear, Transfer Free Formula

Starting with the basics... Nudity Aerosol is a clear self-tanner with a 95% transfer free & transparent formula (no guide colour). It works its magic over 6-8 hours, developing into a beautiful deep golden glow without staining your sheets orange. Sleep easy knowing your bed stays fresh and clean!

Nudity Aerosol Is Super Easy To Apply

The even mist application makes it a breeze to spray onto your skin, ensuring a seamless, even tan without any patches.

Nudity Aerosol Doubles As An Easy Facial Tanner 

Worry about tanning your face? This offers an easy fix. After tanning the body, just lightly mist Nudity Aerosol over the face from a 15cm away distance, and wake up to a radiant, healthy, golden face.

Includes A 360° Nozzle To Tan Hard To Reach Areas

Nudity Aerosol’s  360° nozzle simplifies tanning tricky areas like your back by enabling upside-down spraying, ensuring complete coverage. Say goodbye to asking for help with your back tan. Now, you're fully covered!

Use Alone For A Deep Full Coverage Golden Colour

Let’s talk colour. It's absolutely stunning! Transforming into a rich, deep golden colour, it gives your skin a healthy glow, complementing any skin tone and boosting your confidence effortlessly.

Nudity Aerosol Is A Cream Based Formula That Is Deeply Hydrating

Struggling with dry skin but still want to rock a flawless self-tan with confidence? Don't worry! With Nudity Aerosol’s  cream lotion base, it provides excellent hydration technology, penetrating deeper into the skin's layers for a longer-lasting, even tan without clinging to dry patches.

Nudity Aerosol Doesn't Cling To Pores

The clear guide colour prevents the pesky black-dot effect post-self-tanning. Nudity Aerosol  seeps into your pores without leaving a guide colour, ensuring no black dots on your legs once the tan develops over the 6-8 hours.

Universal Self Tanner That Adapts To All Skin Tones

This unique formula only develops on your skin cells, making this self tan universally adaptable to all skin tones. It effortlessly adjusts to complement every individual complexion, ensuring a natural looking, flawless fake tan for everyone.

Mist Over To Extend Your Self Tan Life

Quickly topping up your tan is super easy with  Nudity Aerosol, a quick mist over the body easily tops up your tan as it starts to fade. Resulting in an extended tan life and your self tan looking fresher for longer!

Mist Over Any Tanning Foam To Take Your Tan To The Next Level

This fake tanner will double the DHA of you tan, (DHA is a safe, sugar-derived ingredient reacting with skin cells for that natural tan look). When misted over any tanning foam, Nudity Aerosol  not only intensifies but also locks in your colour, ensuring a rick ultra dark fake tan upon development.

Psst. If you are trying this revolutionary product out, make sure to Use With Caution: Once you try it, you might just get hooked on the results!