Winter Lip Care: Benefits of Hydrating Lip Oils

Winter Lip Care: Benefits of Hydrating Lip Oils

Winter Lip Care: Benefits of Hydrating Lip Oils

Winter is here, and along with it comes the challenge of keeping our lips hydrated and healthy. The cold weather can cause dryness, chapping, and discomfort, making it essential to give our lips some extra care. That's where our  Ultra Hydrating Lip Oils  come in.

Whether you're battling dry lips or simply looking for a hydrating lip product, lip oils are a must-have in your winter skincare routine. Say goodbye to chapped, cracked lips and say hello to plump, moisturised pouts. Embrace the power of lip oils this winter season and keep your lips looking and feeling their best.



Lightweight & Non Sticky Formula

Their lightweight and non-greasy formula makes them ideal for everyday use, ensuring our lips stay moisturised even in the harshest weather conditions. As an added bonus you can enjoy our  Lip Oils  without the worry of your hair getting stuck to your lips in these windy conditions.

Lip Oils Have A Long Lasting Formula

There's no need for constant reapplication with our  Lip Oils  they offer up to 12 hours of comfortable hydration, leaving your lips feeling soft throughout the day.

Lip Oils Provide Comfort With Colds

Trying to battle a nasty cold this winter? Colds can tend to make the top of your lips super dry without you even noticing, causing extreme irritation. This can be avoided as the ingredients in our  Lip Oils  are crucial for providing the best care and relief, the formula penetrates deep into the different layers of the lips, keeping them moisturised.

Formulated With A Blend Of Essential Oils

Your lips are guaranteed to always feel and look amazing with these 3 powerhouse ingredients. Made with Jojoba Oil, which brings the skin's natural oils to the surface, ensuring the moisture stays put. Cocoa Butter, which is known for its emollient properties, creating a protective barrier in these harsh conditions. And last but not least, Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the lips from environmental damage.

The Oils Create A Protective Barrier

Imagine it as a cozy blanket for your lips, locking in that much needed moisture and preventing your lips from becoming dry, chapped or irritated, ensuring your lips stay hydrated for longer periods compared to traditional lip balms.


If you want to battle these colder months like a boss, we highly recommend adding our Ultra Hydrating Lip Oils into your daily beauty routine. With every use, your lips will be protected, softer and left with a naturally healthy shine.