The Ultra-Dark Self Tanner That Won’t Turn You Orange

The Ultra-Dark Self Tanner That Won’t Turn You Orange

When it comes to self-tanning, practise makes perfect. Most experienced self-tanners have tried every liquid bronzing foam under the sun (pun intended) and will have experienced some form of tanning hiccup.

The most common problem people have with fake tanning is not knowing what shade suits their skin tone and rather than waking up bronzed to perfection, their skin has turned an orange tone. As self-proclaimed fake tan addicts, we know the best tans are those that look like they’ve come straight from St Tropez! Here’s how you can avoid the orange tone…

Using Velvety Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse To Avoid An Orange Tone

Often when tanning people find that whilst trying to achieve an ultra-dark fake tan, they end up with an orange tone. Here’s why you should use out Velvety Ultra-Dark Tanning Mousse to avoid those dreaded orange tones in self tan and create the darkest fake tan ever.

Our Velvety Mousse has been formulated to tackle this problem that self-tanners all over the globe face. Firstly, let’s talk undertones! The undertone in your self-tanning mousse will depict your result. For example, a red undertone will create a bronzed sun-kissed tan as the red undertone in the formula will lift and brighten your skin-tone.

So which undertone do I need in my self-tanner to avoid orange tones? Although this answer tends to scare people, the answer to this question is Green! The green undertones in our Velvety range neutralise orange tones in fake tan and once you’ve washed away your guide colour the morning after fake tan Thursday, you will be left with the best ultra-dark tan.

Our Ultra-Dark formula ensures you achieve your self-tanning desires and eliminates any orange tones for the perfect olive toned self-tan. Like all our self-tanning mousse’s, Velvety is infused with elfamoist, an intense moisturising ingredient which encourages the developing tan to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skins top layer, resulting in a dark fake tan that lasts with a more natural fade out.

Don’t let the word ‘Green’ put you off, Velvety tanning foam guarantees those ultra-dark Olive tanning results that you’ve been dreaming of.

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