How to Make Self Tan Last Longer

How to Make Self Tan Last Longer


Meet Your Skins New Saviour Product!

Imagine A Product That Not Only Boosts Your Skins Appearance But Also Extends Your Self Tan Life… That’s Exactly What Our Purity Repair Cream Does.



Flood your skin with the highest level of oil free hydration as this miracle moisturiser replenishes and repairs your skin. The use of oil free hydration allows the replenishing of your skin without breaking down your self tan like conventional moisturisers. Enriched with essential oil free moisture, Purity repair will leave your skin hydrated for up to 48 hours and encourage maximum tan life.



A little goes a long way with this lightweight, grease free formula that allows you to lather up without any dreaded grease stains. Formulated with our signature fresh & fruity scent, Purity repair is a treat for both your skin and senses.

Lathering over your tan will enhance your colour whilst adding a sheen over your skin, creating a glossy effect without any grease!

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