The Best Tanning Routine for Your Summer Holiday

The Best Tanning Routine for Your Summer Holiday

The Summer holidays have arrived and our weekly fake tanning routine’s are in full swing! You’ve probably mastered your at-home fake tanning regime by now but what about when you go on holiday? Here at Rose And Caramel we’ve created a simple step by step guide to the perfect holiday tan that lasts!


2-3 days prior to your holiday, remove your old self tan using one of our Purity fake tan erasers. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to self tan application to allow the PH levels in your skin to neutralise. Fake tan removal is crucial to achieve a flawless tan. Think of your skin as a canvas, the cleaner the canvas, the more flawless the results.




2 days prior to your holiday, shave and exfoliate to create a smooth base for your tan application. Again, this must be done at least 24 hours prior to fake tan application, allowing your skins PH levels to neutralise. Our Purity Excel fake tan removing scrub is both a remover and exfoliator in one! Pair with our exfoliating gloves or body brush to remove any dead skin cells and improve blood circulation!

Follow with our Purity Repair skin conditioning treatment, using daily to keep skin flooded with essential moisture.



The day before your holiday it’s time for fake tan application! Hydrate any dry areas such as, hands, feet, knees and elbows, using either our Purity Repair cream or Prep & Protect spray. This will prevent tan from over-developing on these drier areas.

Apply your tanning mousse in circular motions using our deluxe tanning mitt, creating an even-coverage, flawless tan. For darker results, layer up! Once your first layer is touch dry, apply a second layer and allow to dry before wearing loose fitted clothing.



Keep your tan looking fresh by topping-up your colour whilst on holiday! Our gradual tanning foams flood your skin with essential hydration whilst creating a glowing tan that can be built upon daily.

As every self-tanner will know, your face is the first place that your tan begins to break down due to factors such as skin care and make-up. Nudity Aerosol, our transparent fake tanning spray,  is the perfect product for this. Simply mist over your face every other day to keep a glowing complexion without the usual blackhead breakout that can often occur when tanning your face.



Whilst sun cream will unfortunately increase your self tan’s wear-off, there are ways to avoid this! Wait 12-24 hours after self tan application before applying sun-cream to ensure that the DHA in your self tan has fully developed on your skin. Apply Purity Repair every night to re-hydrate your skin after a day in the pool! This will flood your skin with essential oil free moisture and increase your self tan life.

Enjoy your Summer holidays and don’t forget to tag us in your tanned selfies!

Rose & Caramel x

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