Rose & Caramel Tanning Routine

Rose & Caramel Tanning Routine

Achieving an all over flawless look with self tan is all about the preparation. Prepped skin equals guaranteed flawless results, every time – and just like an artist needs a blank canvas to create a masterpiece, the best results for self tanning start with the cleanest of skin.

Body hair is not your friend

It’s super important to shave or wax 24 hours prior to tanning – giving the skin chance to recover from any abrasion and ensuring you have an ultra smooth surface for when it comes to applying!  

Don’t even think about tanning on top of old tan

Your skin should be completely free from tan and removing any old tan first is vital! The cleaner your skin, the more flawless the application and result. Avoid the ‘tiger bread’ affect by ensuring your skin is 100% tan free before re-applying! Our tan removal range, Purity, includes the 3 minute miracle self tan removing scrub, the perfect addition to your self tanning routine.



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hydrated skin is happy skin, which is why it’s also super important to ensure that any dry ares are hydrated with oil free moisture. Our Prep & Protect Hydration Mist ensures all over even results (pay extra special attention to dry areas such as the hands, feet, knees and elbows)!


How To Apply:

Using our deluxe self tanning mitt, apply your chosen tanning foam in circular motions to ensure even coverage and flawless results! To create a deeper tan, layer up! Once your first layer of tan is touch dry, apply a second using the same method of circular motions.

Hands & Feet

When tanning your hands & feet, use the remaining tan on the mitt to lightly tan these areas. This will avoid the common problem of hands & feet developing darker than the rest of your tan!

Duo Method

Looking for the deepest tan possible? We’ve got you! Once your tan is touch dry, mist over with Nudity Aerosol. This world first product will double the DHA in your self tan whilst creating an airbrush effect with long-lasting results!



Allow your tan to develop for a minimum of 6-8 hours, or overnight – then wash off with a light rinse in the shower, patting dry with a towel (no rubbing!)

Extend Your Tan Life

Keep your skin hydrated with oil. free moisture to boost your tans appearance and increase longevity! Our Purity Repair moisturiser floods skin with 48 hour oil free hydration, making this the perfect self tan extender.


Rinse & Repeat

Once your tan is ready for wash off, we advise using an exfoliating glove and tan remover (our Purity excel scrub, bubble bath, shower gel and foam are perfect for this) to completely get rid of the old tan from your skin, ready for your next tan application – repeat the process above to achieve a flawless airbrushed result, every time!