NUDITY: How Our Clear Fake Tanning Mousse Can Be A 4 IN 1 Product

NUDITY: How Our Clear Fake Tanning Mousse Can Be A 4 IN 1 Product




Meet Nudity, our world first formula infused with the highest level of hydration technology for a soft-skin finish. Created with a transparent tanning base, this 95% transfer free formula develops only on skin cells, leaving your bed sheets clean and your skin glowing!



Use As A Single Tan:

Nudity Mousse is our classic golden toned tanning mousse, flooded with hydration for a soft-skin finish with long-lasting results. Create a glowing tan without the transfer as this revolutionary formula is 95% transfer free, creating a mess-free tanning experience.


Use As A Tan Primer:

Do you struggle. with the ‘black dot’ effect that often occurs from tanning? Nudity Mousse is your answer! Applying Nudity Mousse prior to a tanning foam with a guide colour will prevent the black dot effect from occurring. The clear guide colour in Nudity will fill your pores, creating a barrier which will prevent any guide colour from entering whilst also creating a glowing base tan. Don’t worry, you will still tan the same, just without the ‘strawberry legs’!


Double The DHA:

Apply Nudity Mousse over your favourite tanning mousse to double your tans DHA, creating an ultra-deep tan with long-lasting results! The use of hydration technology in Nudity Mousse will flood your skin, extending your tan life and keeping your skin soft.


Use As A Facial Tan:

Mix Nudity Mousse with your moisturiser for a flawless facial tan with no blocked pores!




Use As A Single Tan:

Get your spray tan from home with Nudity Aerosol, the world’s first cream based aerosol tan! Simply mist & glow with this 95% transfer free, deep golden toned self tan. Nudity Aerosol doesn’t clog your pores due to the clear application and will leave you with an airbrush finish for flawless skin.


Double The DHA:

Misting Nudity Aerosol over any self tan will double the DHA creating an ultra-dark tan unlike any other! Nudity Aerosol locks in your self tan, creating depth in your tan tone and increasing your self tan life for long-lasting results with little wear off and an airbrush finish.


The Best Facial Tanner:

Nudity Aerosol is the best facial tanner, providing full-coverage, even results with reduced appearance of blackheads due to the clear, transparent formula!