Introducing: Rose & Caramel's Tanplexion Tanning Accelerators

Introducing: Rose & Caramel's Tanplexion Tanning Accelerators

Introducing Rose & Caramel's Tanplexion Tanning Accelerators

If you are not ready to brave the fake tanning bottle and are thinking of the natural tanning process, we can speed this up for you. Say hello to Tanplexion, it is specifically designed to take your natural tan to the darkest level. It is a fast acting tanning accelerator spray, infused with active ingredients that stimulate melanin production in the skin, leading to a quicker and darker tan, aiming to reduce the time required for tanning sessions and sun exposure by half. 

Get ready to achieve a stunning, radiant sun tan like never before! Stay right here, as I’m going to introduce you to all four of our Tanplexion products. When creating this range, we made sure to consider every gender, every skin type and every body. And, of course, it’s not a Rose & Caramel product without adding uniqueness in it. Introducing the most advanced moisturising tanning accelerator on the market, Tanplexion. What sets it apart is it’s exceptional moisturising properties, offering a full 25% extra moisturisation compared to other tanning intensifiers on the market.

Tanplexion has been designed for every skin tone. So thinking pale skin can’t catch a natural tan? you’re wrong! Tanplexion encourages super fast results on even the fairest of skin tones, making it a great sunbed oil for pale skins, made with carrot oil that kickstarts your skins melanin production, which is the key ingredient to look out for.

Benefits Of Using Tanning Accelerators

What makes Tanplexion seriously special. It’s not your typical heavy tanning oil - it is more of a light hydration mist, a non-greasy formula made with less oils, and more water solubilised ingredients, to make it deeply hydrating and nourishing. These travel size friendly bottles make it super easy to pop straight into your bag. Making it a perfect tanning oil for holiday.

How to properly use tanning accelerators for best results

  1. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure the product is evenly mixed
  2. 30 minutes before your tanning session. Simply spritz this product directly onto the skin and rub in prior to tanning
  3. You are ready to start you tanning session on the sunbeds or during your sun-drenched holiday.

What's Our Inside Tanplexion Tanning Accelerators

We use the best ingredients to give you an amazing experience when using sun-beds or bronzing up your skin in the sun.

Carrot Oil

Natural tan accelerator that stimulates the production of melanin in the skin.

Propylene Glycol

Draws and retains moisture to the skin

Vitamin A

A powerful antioxidant that helps to strengthen the skin after UV exposure. It also improves skin elasticity.

Penta Peptides

Reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines & wrinkles 


Relieves dryness & refreshes the skins surface

Premium Scent

Pineapple, pink pepper and amber musk for unreal smelling skin (not included in our sensitive version)

Meet Our Tanplexion Tanning Accelerators

Tanplexion - Original (the pink one)

This is our original baby, infused with active ingredients proven to take you natural tan to the darkest level. infused with a premium pineapple, pink pepper and amber musk scent for unreal smelling skin, I mean… we are known for the best smelling tanning products on the market, so we had to incorporate it into this new range!

Tanplexion - Tinted (the blue one)

Want to add a little more bronze to this skin? This version has been specifically made with DHA bronzers, to tan up your skin even more! So if you struggle to tan in the sun or sun-beds, this one is great for you, It will make you even more bronzed which we all love!

Tanplexion - Sensitive (the green one)

We had to make a version for our sensitive skin gals, this is a fragrance free tanning accelerator for sensitive skins. At Rose & Caramel we believe your skin only deserves the gentlest care. This is why we made this with kind to skin ingredients. 

Tanplexion - Unisex (the grey one)

Finally, our Unisex version designed with sleek grey packaging to make it gender neutral. Infused with our well renowned baccarat rouge scent in our Unisex Self Tanning Range. This scent has been a huge hit and you guys went crazy for it, so we had to somehow bring it into one of our new ranges. If only you could smell how irresistible this scent is, as it will leave you obsessed (p.s prepare to get many compliments!)

Tanplexion doesn’t contain any SPF, so make sure you are protecting your skin & applying a good suncream before you spritz your Tanplexion.