New DHA Law Changes In The EU

New DHA Law Changes In The EU

Why Rose & Caramel Started Their Career One Step Ahead Of The Game.

Ultra-dark self tan is renowned to be a best seller. Even the palest of skin types crave extra dark self tanning results, and with EU regulations changing with a reduction in DHA (the active ingredient that achieves the tanned colour on the skin) across all retail & professional formulations Rose & Caramel are proud to own an award winning ultra-dark formula that was already within the safety guidelines.

A strict attention to detail & skin care has always been at the forefront of all our creations. This has never been a cleverly devised marketing ploy but a strong strategic necessity to the brand from day one, to never go against our beliefs.

With endless research and a highly skilled laboratory team it was clear for years the beauty industry was against unnecessary DHA amounts being used in standard formulas to create a darker result. With numerous science backed studies to prove that the skins naturally ability to absorb DHA stopped at 8-10% it was apparent one day a change would come.

DHA is the main active ingredient in any self tanning formula but unfortunately with DHA comes drying effects on the skin. So, before our first product launched into the retail world in 2017 our mission was to find an ingredient that would raise moisture levels against the development of DHA and enhance the quality of the tan.

To achieve the darkest tan possible that is flawless after development and lasts the formula must be able to push through the epidermis layer, and to do this ultra hydration was needed.

This is where our super ingredient sourced from a seminar that presented the advantages of Elfamoist.

In a nutshell Elfamoist is an Intense moisturising ingredient which helps the developing tan to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skin’s top layer resulting in a darker, longer lasting tan with a more natural fade out.

With some serious testing over hundreds of skin types it showed us that with the use of elfamoist an ultra-dark self tan was an achievable keeping the DHA content to the advised 10%. Boasting minimal drying to the skin & suitable for all skin types, even those with the dryers of skin types!

Years later we see the tanning world hit a frenzy with a law now I’m place that sees ultra-dark tanning formulas need re formulating and to be asked to find ingredients that are kinder to the skin to help achieve an all year round tan, we are proud to already have a kind to skin award winning ultra-dark tanning formula, that rivals any dark tan on the market.