Discover Self Tanners That Wont Stain Your Bedding

Discover Self Tanners That Wont Stain Your Bedding

Discover Self Tanners That Wont Stain Your Bedding

Tired of waking up to stained sheets after using self-tanners? We've got you covered! Say hello to our Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Aerosol. This award-winning aerosol is about to make your tanning routine a whole lot cleaner and hassle-free.

Finding the right self-tanner can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed and end up with a product that stains your sheets. But fear not! We have the perfect self-tanner that will give you a golden looking glow without ruining your bedding. 

Nudity Aerosol: Clear, 95% Transfer Free Tan

Ever wondered why self-tan seems to be everywhere except where it's supposed to be? Answer - the guide colour. But with Nudity Aerosol,  we've ditched the guide colour, making your application less chaotic. No more stains, just a clean, mess-free tan and bed sheets that stay pristine. So, no need to spend our money on self tan sheet protectors, your bed sheets will stay pristine, and your clothes will remain stain-free.

Worried that skipping the guide colour might complicate things? Relax, Nudity Aerosol has got your back. Thanks to its 360 nozzle, this easy-to-use product lets you spray upside down, reaching even the trickiest spots. No significant other? No problem. The 360 nozzle ensures you get a flawless tan, even in those solo tanning sessions.

Nudity Tanning Foam For A Subtle Glow

For the foam fans out there, Nudity Mousse is the best choice. Simply start from the bottom and work your way up, using the leftover product on your mitt for your feet and hands.

Packed With Skincare Benefits

Nudity isn't just about avoiding stains; it's a skincare must have too. Packed with skin-loving ingredients, oil free moisture and the highest hydration technology, Nudity not only gives you a golden glow but also encourages even wear off and pampered skin. Got sensitive skin, Nudity is the one for you. Its fragrance free formula means no irritation, just healthy, glowing skin.

Once you have finished your application, wait till your tan is touch dry then get dressed and go about your day or snuggle into your duvet. After 6-8 hours, wash off to reveal your flawless, stain-free tan.


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