How To Clean Your Tanning Mitt

How To Clean Your Tanning Mitt

How To Clean Your Tanning Mitt

We bet your fake tanning mitt is looking a bit worse for wear. However, did you know? Your tanning mitt can last a long time if you provide it with proper care. Your tanning mitt is your main companion to help you achieve a consistently beautiful and flawless glow with every self-tanning session. I’m here to share my top tips and tricks to ensure it stays looking clean.

Clean Your Tanning Mitt At Home

You may have heard about the old-fashioned way of tossing your self-tanning mitt in the washing machine and letting it clean itself. However, we strongly advise you to avoid this method at all costs! It’s actually one of the worst things you can do when it comes to cleaning your tanning mitt. Putting it through the washing machine is running the delicate velvet fabric and encouraging the shape to become distorted and damaged, ultimately affecting your next fake tanning application.

Our trusty, hassle-free tanning mitt hack is giving it a good clean with some hot water and a mild bar of soap free from any harsh chemicals and fragrances. Gently rub the mitt together to create a lather, avoiding vigorous scrubbing that could harm the soft, luxurious velvet material. Concentrate on areas where most of the fake tan is fostering. Ensure you have removed all residue, and gently squeeze the mitt to remove excess water. This method is the most effective way to remove any traces of tanning solution from your self-tanning applicator.

Let Your Tanning Mitt Air Dry

It is best to avoid any direct heat sources, such as hair dryers, and tumble dryers that can damage the mitt fabric. Instead, reshape your tanning mitt and allow it to air dry. Store your clean and dry tanning mitt in a cool, dry place to prevent any mildew or odours from developing.

The Best Tanning Mitt by Rose & Caramel

Using a high-quality tanning mitt like our Deluxe Tanning Mitt is going to make the world of difference in your fake tanning routine! Trust us on this one. Our mitt is designed to help tanning mousses glide over the skin with its deluxe velvet feel and thumb hole. It ensures that the product is applied evenly without any streaks or patches. Giving a more full-coverage layer of tan that's going to sit on the top layer of the skin. Unlike cheap tanning mitts, the double-layered lining on ours helps to prevent tan seeping through to the hands. This is a reusable mitt that can be replaced about once every three months. However, if you are not an avid fake tanner, you can use the same mitt for over six months.

It is good to clean your fake tanning mitt after every use to maintain its effectiveness, ensuring a smooth, streak-free application every time you fake tan. So make sure you look after your tanning mitt, and it will look after you!