Can you self tan when you're pregnant?

Can you self tan when you're pregnant?

One of the most asked questions we get at Rose & Caramel us can I use this tanning foam or self tan remover when pregnant. The answer to all our products is YES all our award winning products can be used throughout your pregnancy to keep you with a gorgeous natural tan. We use minimal ingredients meaning our formulas are perfect for bronzing up your bump!

But let’s always put safety first and patch test before getting your glow on, and if you are still a bit wary always consult your doctor there is no harm in double checking for peace of mind!

Tanning When Pregnant

When you are pregnant your skin can change a lot it may become very oily and fake tan may not take to your skin. If this happens there are ways to still encourage an all over natural tan using a bronzing foam. Dry body brushing prior to tan application is a game changer. Simply buff a dry body brush over your body eliminating dead skin cells and oils giving you a flawless even canvas to apply self tan to.

If your skin is struggling to take to self tan through your pregnancy try our gradual tanning foams that you can build up over a few days to get your desired colour rather than an express tanning mousse.

What To Know About Your Skin When Tannning

If your skin has become overly dry through pregnancy we recommend our oil free mist to replenish the skin and hydrate without making the skin greasy. Our prep and protect spray is perfect for you. Simply mist daily to increase moisture levels before you tan and then used daily once self tanned to stay bronzed and moisturised.

If you are starting to get stretch marks (don’t worry we think they are beautiful) but we know some mummies feel a little insecure with them, but nudity clear tanning spray or foam (also check our back tanner) is a great natural tan that can help to blur them.


To remove the tan out purity self tan removing bubble bath is very popular for pregnant ladies, being able to soak away your old self tan in a bath full of bubbles with minimal scrubbing required!

But if the thought of a full self tan routine is too much to bare whilst pregnant, try our skinstant instant tanning stick for a quick, waterproof glow that can be washed away with soap and water.

How ever you want to bronze the bump we can help, and if you need any further advice don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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