Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner Tanner

Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner Tanner

Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner Tanner

If you are new to the world of fake tanning or need some extra guidance to achieve that perfect sunkissed glow, we have got you covered. We have put together 10 top tanning tips to help you master the art of self-tanning.

Remove Old Tan With Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan Remover

Before applying a fresh layer of tan, it's crucial to remove your previous self-tan for a flawless result. Purity Excel is renowned for its quick 60-second tan removal, making it perfect for a swift touch-up before a spontaneous night out. For a more gradual approach, opt for our Purity Fade Away Shower Gel self-tan remover, designed to gently fade your tan over a few days, allowing you to transition smoothly between tan applications.

Self Tan Preparation Is Key

Often overlooked, exfoliation is a key step in achieving an even and smooth tan. Our tan remover, Purity Excel, not only removes tan but is also formulated with rejuvenating salts, making it a great exfoliator. Exfoliating before tanning helps soften dry areas like elbows, ankles, and knees, providing a perfect canvas for your tanning application.

Shave & Exfoliate 24 Hours Before Self Tan Application

Make sure to shave and remove any unwanted body hair at least 24 hours before applying your tan. This time prevents the tan from seeping into open pores caused by shaving, which can lead to black dots on the legs and an uneven application. To close the pores, splash cold water onto the legs.

Moisturise Dry Areas Prone To Patchy Tan

Dry areas like the knees, elbows, and ankles tend to absorb more tan, resulting in dark patches. To combat this, it’s essential to moisturise your skin before tanning. Our Purity Repair Oil-Free Moisturiser is the perfect choice, as it replenishes and repairs your skin without interfering with the tan’s application, thanks to its lightweight and grease-free formula.

Choose The Right Tone Tan For You

A crucial aspect of achieving the perfect tan is choosing the right shade to complement your skin tone. At Rose & Caramel, we offer a range of tans to suit every skin tone:

Velvety Mousse: Provides an ultra-dark olive tan, perfect for deeper, neutral skin tones.

Intensity Mousse: Gives a dark bronze colour, suitable for pale, porcelain skin tones.

Unity Mousse: Delivers a deep brown tan, suitable for any skin tone.

Nudity Mousse: Offers a subtle golden tan, suitable for all skin tones.

Use A Good Quality Tanning Mitt

If you are new to Rose & Caramel products, we highly recommend conducting a patch test 48 hours before applying our tan. When it comes to application, a good-quality tanning mitt is essential for achieving a smooth, streak-free tan. Our Deluxe Tanning Mitt is the best tanning mitt available, with extra soft luxury velvet and a thick lining to prevent the product from seeping through. Pump your mousse of choice onto the mitt and apply it in circular motions to the skin, starting from the legs and working your way up. Leave the knees, hands, feet, and ankles for last, using any excess tan on the mitt to buff into these areas for a natural tan. For tanning the face, our Unity Tanning Drops are a breeze to use. Simply add as many drops as you desire to your daily moisturiser and leave to develop—the more drops you add, the darker your tan will be!

Layer Your Self Tanner

For a deeper tan, layering is key. Wait until your first layer is dry to the touch before adding another layer. Alternatively, you can use our Nudity Aerosol to spray over your freshly applied tan, effectively locking in the colour and resulting in a darker tan.

Allow 6-8 Hours For Developing Time

After applying your tan, allow it to develop for 6–8 hours, or, if you prefer, overnight, for a deeper tan. During this time, avoid applying perfume or any oily products to prevent any discolouration or unevenness.

Rinse Off The Guide Colour

Once your tan has developed, it’s time to rinse off the guide colour. To avoid fading, use cooler water and avoid shower gels or any other shower products during this process. Rinse until the water runs clear, and then gently pat your skin dry.

Use An Oil Free Moisturiser Daily Post Tanning

To make the most of your tan and ensure an even fade, moisturise daily. Our Purity Repair Oil-Free Moisturiser is perfect for this purpose, as its oil-free formula won’t disrupt your tan and helps promote an even fade. For a quick and hydrating solution, our Purity Prep and Protect Mist is a great option, offering 48-hour hydration and extending the life of your self-tan.

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